22 Revised Ideas On Armscor’s 22 REV

No, I don't have any new information on Monday's little huge .22 REV mystery. But I do have some amusing new musings on what the designation could mean, and why. One big caveat: I'm not going the acronym route here, because I really wouldn't know where to begin. (Plus, that's what the comments section is […] Read More


22 TCM Is A Game-Changer, But What Game Is 22 REV Playing?

Earlier today, @BigFatDave (theoretical Minutemaniac contributor and co-creator, with me, of our upcoming Gadsden Country comic strip) sent me the following cryptic photograph, reporting that it had been cryptically posted to Facebook -- and just as cryptically pulled from the site -- late last night by Armscor's very own(er) Martin Tuason: So, what is it? […] Read More


ATTN @CSVG: Your Video Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

Today, Guns.com (@Guns_com) forwarded me an interesting link. Apparently, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a tiny, Washington, D.C.-based anti-gun lobby that decries lawful self defense as illegal "vigilantism," put out a halfhearted, amateurish video on Twitter seeking to paint the pro-gun community as bullies and agitators. Called "Mean Tweets," the video presents a few […] Read More


Urban Outfitters’ Kent State Sweater Makes Accidental Libertarian Statement

This is amusing: It seems in poor taste, but only because of Urban Outfitters' pot-stirring pedigree (etc., etc.) and their obvious target audience. If this was coming from a less disingenuous and demonstrably Leftist company, it might be argued to make an important point about the risks of the public academic system and the police […] Read More


Ferguson: The Social Need For Wearable Technology Has Been Demonstrated

This is a short piece I've written for my friend's blog, AppAdvice. I used to write there, back when electronics mattered more to me than steel, brass, and lead. I'm not sure they'll post it, as they try to stay as apolitical and globally neutral as possible. But the idea inside is a valuable one, and […] Read More


Dr. Ben Carson Is Anti-Gun

Dr. Ben Carson, considered by many to be a promising Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election, is an intelligent, capable, reasonable man in most respects, and he's getting an awful lot of support from Conservative Americans across the Right side of the political spectrum. He's an eloquent, modest minority who achieved his fame on […] Read More


Ft. Hood 2: Contact Your Representatives About H.R. 3199

Yesterday, in a poignant display of the utter lack of leadership from our political representatives and military bureaucrats, Fort Hood suffered its second mass shooting in less than five years. Nidal Hasan, the Muslim terrorist responsible for killing 13 Americans and injuring more than 30 others in November 2009, is still awaiting execution. Thankfully, Fort […] Read More


Rifling Through SHOT For The Best In Show

According to most (but not all) folks with floor time at SHOT 2014, the new Remington R51 was the critical favorite going in and the overall winner, a "new classic," and Best in Show (though there's no such award) going out. As a die-hard carry advocate and single-stack 9mm enthusiast, I'd be compelled to agree, […] Read More


Inviting Mainstream Scrutiny And Legislative Action, Or How Not To Market Your Fringe Firearms Accessories

While this year's SHOT Show produced much to be excited about, one of the trends emerging from the industry's very public victory over gun-grabbers in the White House and around the country is that smaller, niche companies are being emboldened to push the envelope of mainstream firearms/accessories acceptance. In doing so, they are expressly challenging […] Read More


Minutemaniac's Cartoon Compendium, Vol. 2

It's been a while since I posted some cartoons, so I have a fresh batch for your enjoyment (unless, of course, you follow @Patriotoons on Twitter, in which case they're already very old news). Each one takes me an average of around five hours of work to complete, but it'll only take you a minute […] Read More