Moms Demand Rejected By Ohio Lawmakers AND Businesses

MAIG puppet Moms Demand Action For Gunsense In America (MDA) has been running a desperate bully campaign to ban open carry (or maybe guns in general) in businesses, ever since they were ignored by most state and federal lawmakers as a legitimate group with legitimate legislative concerns. The longest, most expensive attack has been against […] Read More


To The Anti-Gun Martial Artist

The walking, talking kicking, punching cliché that is the anti-gun martial artist is a lot like the old hypocritical anti-gun bodybuilder: He wants you disarmed so that his physical superiority -- "earned" after so much hard work and dedicated training -- can't be rendered moot by the weak, non-athletic, gym-averse, or otherwise busy-with-real-life citizens among […] Read More

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Before & After

Carrying banners for others isn't really a recipe for success, folks […] Read More


Thin Blue Line, Flashing Red Light

Ever since the Ferguson debacle (because apparently disaster must always precede any pretense of obvious, necessary accountability measures when it comes to reining in America's public servant "supermen"), more civilians non-police have been clamoring for cop cameras to go mainstream as a basic part of law enforcement SOP. That's something I've personally long supported, and […] Read More


You Betrayed The Law!

Since I spend a lot of time on Twitter, I like to keep handy a selection of memes, comics, and GIFs for use on the various anti-gun activists that fill my timeline with their bigoted #GunSense nonsense. These little gems also tend to work against Leftists and collectivists in general, particularly those who advocate restrictive, […] Read More


REValuating The Armscor 22 REV

Since I'm already more or less fully convinced of the value of the .22 REV (and everything else Armscor makes, for that matter), perhaps I should've titled this post "Re-evaluating The Armscor 22 TCM." But that would have broken the clean REV theme, and I didn't want to do that. At any rate, after a […] Read More


3-D Printed Guns: Liberating The Liberator?

As any grandstanding (or, rather, grave-standing) Progressive will tell you, the Left's shameless anti-Liberty antics tend to cause pervasive ammunition shortages more than they actually hinder America's ability to purchase firearms themselves. Indeed, this bottleneck (reliable .22 TCM availability during 2013 notwithstanding) is a big part of the #GunSense playbook, and -- as the erstwhile […] Read More


Police Chief Edward Flynn, Sudden Conservative Superstar, Is An Anti-Gun Bigot

Milwaukee police chief Edward Flynn has been all over the Internet and television lately (even internationally) by basically bringing the hammer down on hypocritical "social justice warriors" who ignore rampant, pervasive atrocities to save their false outrage for only the rarest of fringe occurrences. And he's right. But he's also very, very wrong. Unfortunately, the […] Read More


22 REVised Ideas On Armscor’s 22 REV

No, I don't have any new information on Monday's little huge .22 REV mystery. But I do have some amusing new musings on what the designation could mean, and why. One big caveat: I'm not going the acronym route here, because I really wouldn't know where to begin. (Plus, that's what the comments section is […] Read More


22 TCM Is A Game-Changer, But What Game Is 22 REV Playing?

Earlier today, @BigFatDave (theoretical Minutemaniac contributor and co-creator, with me, of our upcoming Gadsden Country comic strip) sent me the following cryptic photograph, reporting that it had been cryptically posted to Facebook -- and just as cryptically pulled from the site -- late last night by Armscor's very own(er) Martin Tuason: So, what is it? […] Read More