SHOT 2015: Taurus Curveball Is A Foul

This year, I was finally able to participate in the SHOT Show for the first time, and I spent four grueling, knee-destroying days making my way around the floors (and through the crowds) of The Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas to get hands-on time with the most interesting new guns to market. […] Read More

Dr. Gunsense, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb Argument

The "nuclear option." Ever since Harry Reid played his petty hand at stifling American legislative tradition, people up on the news are up on the term and all it means to modern governance. But there's another arena where it means even more, because it's one of the primary arguments the antigun crowd uses whenever it […] Read More

Bloomberg’s Latest Antics Prove Gunsense A Ridiculous Failure

It seems that Pennsylvania state representative Thaddeus Kirkland (D,uh) has announced the impending introduction of some very serious and pressing common-sense, crime-reducing gun control legislation. The whole of Kirkland's thoughtful proposal, an example of the important public work for which he is paid $84,000 in base salary, is reproduced below (emphasis added): MEMORANDUM Posted: January […] Read More

Armscor CEO Explains The 22 REV, Introduces Its 22 TCM9R Cartridge

The .22 REV mystery, from hints and allegations to silly musings to third-party confirmations, has finally been authenticated by none other than Armscor owner Martin Tuason himself. In a nod to the personal level of customer service commitment the company's famous for, he broke the news in a Facebook post to an enthusiast group's closed […] Read More

22 REV Shots In The Dark Confirmed

Well, mostly. As SHOT Show fast approaches, there's been a steady stream of updates, hints, and half-confirmations about what Armscor's new .22 REV cartridge actually is. The questions began months ago with this post, wherein the Armed Lutheran cued us in on the presumed .22 TCM variant. The mystery was only further deepened when Armscor […] Read More

The Four Rules: A Beginner’s Range Sheet

Every range, public or private, should have the Four Rules prominently posted. And every shooter, beginner or seasoned old pro, should always understand, follow, and teach them. To that end, the following is a basic range familiarization sheet I've been working on. While it is somewhat customized for my club's range, feel free to add […] Read More

Antigun PSA Calls For Underaged, Unlicensed Concealed Carry On School Campuses

Folks, this is what passes for a PSA among the Gunsense crowd: Pay attention, as this looks like a professionally produced video with a budget behind it (and I suspect that the dollars are either dripping with Michael Bloomberg residue or desperately calling out for some that is). Now for the fun part: I see […] Read More

Moms Demand Rejected By Ohio Lawmakers AND Businesses

MAIG puppet Moms Demand Action For Gunsense In America (MDA) has been running a desperate bully campaign to ban open carry (or maybe guns in general) in businesses, ever since they were ignored by most state and federal lawmakers as a legitimate group with legitimate legislative concerns. The longest, most expensive attack has been against […] Read More

To The Anti-Gun Martial Artist

The walking, talking kicking, punching cliché that is the anti-gun martial artist is a lot like the old hypocritical anti-gun bodybuilder: He wants you disarmed so that his physical superiority -- "earned" after so much hard work and dedicated training -- can't be rendered moot by the weak, non-athletic, gym-averse, or otherwise busy-with-real-life citizens among […] Read More

Before And After

Carrying banners for others isn't really a recipe for success, folks […] Read More