D.C. Massacre: Ignored Red Flags And Oblivious Anti-Gunners

Monday, September 16, 2013, was a sad day for the American people, our country, and its Armed Forces, as 12 innocent servicemen and -women were murdered — seemingly at random — in an early-morning shooting at Washington D.C.’s Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters. From Fox News:

Aaron Alexis, believed to be the lone gunman …, was a Navy veteran from New York with a troubled past who was arrested in two previous shooting incidents.

Alexis, 34, who was discharged from the Navy two years ago after serving hitches in Texas and Illinois, sprayed bullets from the fourth floor down to the cafeteria area … in an attack that began just after 8 a.m. Alexis died later as he traded shots with responding police…

Think about that: “Alexis died later as he traded shots with responding police.” This shooting happened in a military office complex that houses over 3,000 military personnel, yet not one of these trained, expert soldiers could return fire to stop the threat and save lives. They had to wait for the local police to show up! How can this absurdity be? Because in 1993, former President Bill Clinton, an anti-gun Democrat, signed an executive order that made it illegal for members of our military to carry firearms on military bases. Just like Fort Hood, the Naval Sea Systems Command HQ is a Gun-Free Zone.

Now consider this: How was Aaron Alexis even able to get a Navy contractor job — with its requisite security clearances — in the first place? While we don’t yet know if his military dismissal two years ago was voluntary, involuntary, honorable, or otherwise, Fox News reports that a senior defense official familiar with Alexis’ file says he had a “history of misconduct.”

That misconduct, among other things, includes this (per Fox News):

While stationed in Fort Worth, he was arrested on Sept. 4, 2010, after an upstairs neighbor reported that he had fired [multiple] shots up into her apartment. The neighbor said Alexis had often angrily confronted her about making too much noise, and she told police he scared her.

“[The neighbor] told me that she is terrified of Aaron and feels that this was done intentionally,” the arresting officer wrote on the police report.

Because he fired multiple shots, Alexis’ actions were likely not accidental. And because firing a gun at or into your neighbor’s home is seriously illegal no matter where you live, it serves to reason that he would’ve been dealt with justly by the legal system. But Alexis is black, and an increasingly frightened judicial culture of racial apologetics prevented his receiving any meaningful sentence. And this was his second shooting offense!

In 2004 in Seattle, Alexis was arrested for shooting out the tires of a construction worker’s vehicle in what he himself called “an anger-fueled blackout.” However, this dangerous criminal was let off the hook, evidently not even receiving the obvious felony conviction that would’ve legally disqualified his future purchase, ownership, or use of a firearm. Because if he was convicted of a felony the first time around, surely he’d have been sent to prison immediately after the 2010 incident.

But somehow, he wasn’t.

Aaron Alexis was a deranged psychopath with an arrest record for two serious gun-related incidents and a likely behavior-based discharge from the Navy. Yet he never went to prison for his crimes, he passed every background check for his Naval contractor job, and he was granted security clearance to work in a woefully under-guarded federal facility. Every red flag this coward strung up for the last 13 years was ignored, and 12 American Patriots are dead because of it. The corruptions and willful inadequacies in the legal system that gave this dangerous criminal multiple chances gave his 12 victims no chance at all. And the prosectors, judges, and broken societal standards that let Alexis off the hook are complicit in his crimes.

Anti-gunners and Patriots alike will agree (for fundamentally different reasons, of course) that this is a terrible tragedy. It is doubly tragic, though, that gun-grabbing Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and her ilk have already taken public the argument that this latest massacre merely underscores America’s need for stricter gun control. And in the face of the facts so far, it is misleading, trite, and offensive, too.

Ironically, we devotees of the Second Amendment are often accused of immediately politicizing any and every reported shooting — that we respond to the violent deaths of innocents with selfish concern only for our own freedoms. But our motives are not for personal gain: We care passionately about the fundamental rights guaranteed each of us by the United States Constitution, and we are compelled to act in historical anticipation and philosophical rejection of the Liberal political machine that continues to use tragedy, crisis, and fear to promote the erosion of our collective liberties. After all, the events of the last year prove that these corrupt extremists have no shame in pushing blatantly anti-American policy onto an emotionally vulnerable public. It is terroristic government, and it must be fought against at every opportunity.

So before you of the anti-gun Left latch further onto your tired, cynical gambit for more gun control in the wake of national tragedy, first explain to America how the violent criminal Aaron Alexis skirted every common-sense law on the books on his way to killing a dozen innocent people in a Gun-Free Zone.

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